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Ausfeng Group is a Sydney-based company in event production & promotion, education & migration consulting, and travel services focused on communication and building brand profile to Australia and Pacific.


Established in 1998, Ausfeng Group Pty Ltd is dedicated to delivering professional services in international cultural event production, high-level tourism, education and migration consulting. Its headquarter is located in Sydney CBD with branch offices in Beijing and Fuzhou.

The core subsidiary company, Ausfeng Event Productions was established in 2009 as a result of the increasingly high demand of cultural exchange programs between China and Australia. Aiming at introducing the premium Chinese performing arts to Australian audiences, Ausfeng Events has successfully presented over hundreds of world-class Chinese performances and exhibitions over the years.Projects held by Ausfeng Group can enter the mainstream cultural market in Australia, and attract local audiences to pay attention and participate. They are also popular with Australian mainstream media who will provide notification and follow-up reports. For example, the brand projects such as Happy Chinese New Year, National Multicultural Festival - China Village, Chinese Cultural Festival @ Tea Expo etc. can attract more than 500,000 Australian and Chinese overseas people every year.



Event Promotion & Production

Ausfeng Event Productions was established in 2009 and is core subsidiary company of Ausfeng Group. Aiming at introducing the extraordinary Chinese performing arts to Australian audiences, Ausfeng Events had presented over hundreds of world-class Chinese performances and exhibitions over the years. Projects such as Happy Chinese New Year and National Multicultural Festival - China Village successfully entered the mainstream cultural market of Australia, increasing local people’s engagements, attracting over 500,000 local audiences every year and Australian mainstream media to report.

Education & Migration Consultation

Ausfeng has become the best choice of consulting agency for international students and immigrants to Australia. The business engages professional consulting services for student visa, working and skilled visas, business migration visas, family visas and other types of visas. Over the years, Ausfeng Education and Migration Centre has assisted thousands of students to fulfill their dreams of studying in Australia, and guided thousands of migrant families with their family reunion.

Travel Consulting Services

World Tower Travel agency is committed to give you an authentic travel experience in Australia. We provide services in holiday travel, cultural and education exchange programs, business travel management, and tourism consulting. One of the unique services is that we can provide you a customized travel solution. We provide

  • Customized Tour

  • Reservation

  • Business Tour

  • Study Tour



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